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Tactical Training Photography


Call to make an appointment for your tactical weapon training or event photographic session.

Whether it is a unique and detailed photograph session of your business or as an individual, you will recieve beautiful photographs for you and your clients to promote your skills and business platform!




IMG_3769 Prone Side View.jpg


 IMG_3753 Kneeling and sighting Up.jpg





Altair Training Solutions, Florida


The photographs I took below are from a fundraising event at Altair Training Solutions



IMG_0517 Sarge enjoying the morning sun.jpg 


 IMG_0555 Glock Shooting.jpg


 IMG_0568 Brian shooting.jpg


 IMG_0613 Two men shooting.jpg


 IMG_0558 Shooting by the car.jpg


 IMG_0712 Coming around shoot House corner.jpg


 IMG_1178 BG David Bassett and Brian Jones.jpg


 IMG_1152 The Award 3.jpg


 IMG_0662 Brian cautious in shoot house.jpg


 IMG_0977 General Bassett, Brian, Michelle sitting.jpg


 IMG_0828 Vet, hay bail and dog.jpg


 IMG_0872 Veteran saying on shirt.jpg