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Heirloom Egg Ornaments 
These unique, hand painted, heirloom chicken egg ornaments are intricate and beautiful treasures to display throughout the year or during the Holiday Season.
Each egg  ornament is unique and carefully prepared, painted and embellished with crystal, glaze and glitter for a distinctive piece that is a special work of art.

 Each of the ornaments also contain anise basil or some other heirloom herb from my garden, inside the prepared egg. This is an old fashioned charm or token for good tidings and blessings.

I always enjoy exhibiting these at my art shows and seeing the joy from people who love the intricacy and tiny paintings.

These make for a wonderful collective art piece  to enjoy and display for you or a loved one. Contact me for one today or if you would like a custom egg ornament created just for you.


IMG_2406 Close up of Eggs.jpg 




DSC05356 ipe lantern egg.jpg 

 Winter Trees and Lamp Post






 DSC05373 ipe city by the sea-6.jpg

 City by the Sea




 DSC05365 ipe-5.jpg






 DSC05395 ipe-6.jpg

 Angel in the Woods


DSC05397 ipe aitw-6.jpg 

The other side of Angel in the Woods






 DSC06197 Winters Village 2.jpg

 Winters Village

99.00 (SOLD!)



 DSC06199 Winters Village 3-5.jpg

 The other side of Winters Village





 DSC06227 Autumn Magic 3-6.jpg


 Autumn Magic



DSC06221 Autumn Magic 6.jpg 




IMG_3263 Beautiful Collection.jpg