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Tommie Flannery Baskis


My name is Tommie Flannery Baskis and I am an author, painter and photographer who began her creativity  at an early age. I am a native of Southern Indiana who was inspired by the Ohio River, the beautiful hills I hiked and camped upon and the variety of trees, flowers and insects that were abundant throughout the seasons.
As a young girl I have  always been intrigued with exploring the" rural path ".  I have a great curiosity for old, abandoned places and the fragments that are left behind from people's lives. "..Tommie's photography reflects an ethereal composition which illuminates the spirit in nature. The images bring to light the timeless soul and story that has been forgotten."
As a published author, my book "The Abandoned Story"  reflects upon the history and story of abandoned places and mid-west river towns, forest roads, old cemeteries, rural routes and the "the story that was left behind and forgotten"   with beautiful photographs, poetic prose and historical accounts. 
I have six featured poems on Rutger Hauer's Official Website in Soap Box Poets.
My paintings utilize a dry brush effect with much layering to achieve the fine detail prominent in my work. I choose to mix with three primary colors to attain the many hues that are present.
I have exhibited and created commissioned   paintings, photographs and murals for many businesses, designers and individuals  in California, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana.
At the present, I am available for collaborating with art galleries, art/interior designers, art brokers and collectors.  My services include  photographing business and promotional  presentations, fantasy/glamour/portrait and special events and happenings.
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