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 Duskflyer Vision Artwork and Productions
Photography, Paintings, Published Writings
By Tommie Flannery Baskis 
The Weight of Wings Exhibition Collage 3.jpg 
Hello and welcome to Duskflyer Vision Artwork and Productions! A place where you can peruse and purchase fine art, photography, writings and my services. Please let me hear from you if you enjoy what you see...
I am a Photographer, Painter and Published Writer. I have created and painted large wall murals, photographic art and commissioned paintings for many Designers, Businesses and Private Individuals. I have painted a large Jungle Mural for Sue Grafton, the Mystery Author, that was featured in her Guest Bedroom.

I am excited to have six of my poems on Rutger Hauer's Official website in the section of Soap Box Poets. They are" The Dark Attic", "Sugar Dust House" and "The Secret Place 11:11" among others. Rutger Hauer is a fine actor and his Starfish Association raises monies and awareness for Mothers and children with AIDS and HIV.

Drawing, painting and writing began at an early age for me. I am a native of Southern Indiana and was inspired by the Ohio River, its towns and the beautiful hills I would hike and camp upon. I was intrigued and fascinated by the history and sites along rural roads, old cemeteries and the abandoned homes that I would find on my journeys.

It is a pleasure to exhibit my unique style of painting and photography. I have exhibited work in California, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida. I utilize a dry brush effect and mix from the primary colors to achieve the many hues seen in my work. My paintings are expressionistic, fantasy and conceptual based with an ethereal touch.

I enjoy photographing and illuminating the "spirit in nature". There is an emphasis on natural settings, abandoned places and haunts that reflect an ethereal composition. "I enjoy bringing to light the timeless soul that has been forgotten."

I also have the privilege of being Vice President of Synfuels Assets Management Inc and Secretary/Treasurer of Baswood Assets Management.
I am interested in collaborating and exhibiting with Art galleries, Collectors and Art designers.
I am available for onsite Photography and Video of your business, which includes Weapon/ Tactical  training contractors, Fantasy/Glamour photography, Business/Advertising presentations, promotional and product marketing photography.
I am currently capturing photographs and documentation of historical, abandoned and rural places along the Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee towns and countryside.
I am working on my latest book of abandoned places and stories.
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